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"The Game Changer"-Political PR:

Before we start talking about ‘The Game Changer Pvt Ltd’, firstly let’s
discuss about the Power of PR in Politics.

What is PR?

Public Relation (PR) is a Strategic Communication that helps to build a mutual relation between an organization & publics. 

Power of PR in politics:

Politics without public relations is not at possible. it’s definitely
nothing without a press release , funders, regional communication
strategy , Brand range activities national & International for party as well
as the organization.( Chambers, Association & Trade Union).
The aim of PR in politics is to promote functionaries, topics & programs
comparison to other sub-system in society. Basically this attracted
attention & interest, raising the level of awareness; it can help to manage
the internal and external affairs of a political organization.

The Game Changer Pvt. Ltd.

It’s a public Relation firm, established in 2013. What makes us Different? Good leadership & our focus on goals & the result which makes us different from others. We are consistently listed as one of the bet PR Company with a finger on the pulse of what’ hot now. Our team has developed a name in the public relation industry for perfection, professionalism and excellence to grow public names, brands and business around the country.


“The Game Changer” aims to be the most trusted communications Partner for their clients, ensuring transparency best result for operations, innovation in strategies & results – driven approach.


“The Game Changer” aims to be a preferred choice in the communications field who provides best in class result for mission services to its clients.

Role Of Planning PR

War Room

“War rooms do the basic assignments for parties as well as for the election candidates to help in campaigning and how to be in a good connection with all the voters.” As we all know nowadays elections in India has already become completely digital.

Personal Advisor

The main motive of a personal advisor is to provide advice and guidance to the candidate, personal development and their future plans to be in voter’s good eye. Basically a personal Political advisor they act as political strategists. The main goal of a political advisor is to make the voters apprised of their candidates.

Field Management

Field management is basically known for its strategy to win. All the team works together to make sure that the strategy works as per plan to make the election journey better. It’s very important to know your opinion from your voters eye.

Campaign Design

When it comes to design a campaign some basic points we should be kept in mind always. • The political party for what we are promoting that should be authentic • The political party logo design should be noticeable, because that’s the mirror of the party.


Politics is nothing without marketing. Political party use media marketing as a source to promote the party and their selected candidates and their work to voters through media. It is impossible to get public support without marketing.

Media Management

Media Management is an important part in political field. Build a candidate’s profile is the most important thing. Media helps to build the candidates profile .By using social media the party can build a relation with the voters & can promote themselves.